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About the "Performance Professor"

Jim McFarland is a respected columnist, engineer, and instructor with over thirty years' experience in the performance products industry. He has been involved in research and development, product marketing, journalism, and racing.

Jim has achieved many awards and industry recognition for his contributions.

Career Highlights

    1965 - Associate Editor - HOT ROD Magazine

    1966 - Technical Editor - HOT ROD Magazine

    1966-present - Author of 400+ automotive technical feature articles including SAE Papers, general performance automotive publications dealing with motorsports, RV, outdoor and truck markets

    1967 - Editor - HOT ROD Magazine

    1968 - Publisher - HOT ROD Magazine

    1969 - Director of Engineering - Schiefer Manufacturing (design of automotive clutches & driveline components - racing and high performance street)

    1969-1988 - Vice President R&D - Edelbrock Corp. (designs automotive induction and exhaust systems, camshaft, valve train components, cylinder head development, extensive interfacing with exhaust emissions controls regulatory agencies including the Federal EPA and CARB)

    1969-1990 - Freelance author of CAR CRAFT Magazine 'Tech Talk' technical letters column (monthly)

    1989-1992 - President - McFarland, Inc. - An R&D company serving automotive OEM and aftermarket companies in development of engine and powertrain components and environmentally-sensitive integrated engine systems.

    1993-1995 - Director of Marketing & Motorsports - Flowmaster, Inc. - (automotive exhaust systems for motorsports and traditional aftermarket passenger car/truck applications including RV and outdoors vehicles)

    1995-1999 - Director of Engineering, Marketing & Media Relations - Hypertech, Inc. (manufacturer of on-board computer controls and reprogramming for engine and powertrain performance enhancements in on-highway passenger cars and trucks)

    1995-present - Owner - AutoCom (engineering research, consultation and journalism services for the automotive OEM, aftermarket and motorsports communities)

    1995-present - Engineering Consultant - Hedman Manufacturing (manufacturer of high performance, racing and traditional car/truck exhaust systems)

    1996-present - Technical Marketing Consultant - Nanotech Fuel Corp. (producer/marketer of automotive chemicals for gasoline, diesel and 2-stroke engine applications)

    1996-1998 - Editor-at-Large - HOT ROD Magazine (author of monthly technical and feature articles)

    1996-1999 - Engineering Consultant - PaceSetter Exhaust Products (manufacturer of high performance and traditional car/truck exhaust systems including import vehicles)

Industry Recognition and Activities

    1972 - CAR CRAFT Magazine "Hi-Riser" Award for contributions to high performance automotive and drag racing industry

    1975 - CAR CRAFT Magazine "Ollie" Award for career contributions to the sport and technology of drag raci.ng

    1979 - Selection as "Hi-Riser"in 30th Anniversary issue of CAR CRAFT Magazine

    1971-1979 - Chairman, SEMA Exhaust Emissions Committee

    1972-1976 - SEMA Representative to the EPA - National Automotive

    Liaison Counsel for Federal & State automotive environment regulatory issues affecting the aftermarket

    1985 - SEMA "Person of the Year" Award

    1984-1992 - Member, SEMA Technical Committee

    1988-1994 - Board Member, SEMA Board of Directors

    1994-present -Board Member, World Motorsports Society

    2001 - Elected to SEMA "Hall of Fame"

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